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Ghost Trio - Gastly

  • Me to Managers: Could I get a rag from the office for the sanitation water?
  • Managers: Don't call it a rag. Call it a towel.
  • Me: Uhm. Okay.
  • Managers: Seriously. If the owner hears you say rag he will chew you out.
  • Me: Why is that?
  • Managers: Rag denotes dirt and filth. Towel sounds cleaner.
  • Me in my head: Get over it. I'm not asking a customer for a rag I'm asking you for a rag. Now hand me the damn rag so I can clean the damn black beans, dirt and filth off of the damn menus and damn host stand.
  • Me in real life: Kay.
Friday, 1 - 03 - 2013

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  1. ibelieveinsilence said: This is very accurate. I think I’ve had this same conversation.
  2. universeofbeautifulthings said: Dot our work at panera bread or for howley bread group? because I deal with the same nonsense!
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