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Ghost Trio - Gastly

  • Hearth Witch: *is the host who runs around with their broom, cleaning up people's messes while muttering little curses under their breath*
  • Kitchen Witch: *bursts from kitchen* I've made potions and cauldron cookiiiiiies~!
  • Water Witch: Where's the pool?
  • Sea Witch: I wanted to have a beach party...
  • Green Witch: *stays on the sidelines conversing with the houseplants*
  • Sex Witch: *to another* I think you and I could make some serious magick together after this party~ Or during, whatever you're into~
  • Techno Witch: I just upgraded your computer...oh and don't change the html, it'll bring you good luck. You're welcome.
  • Hedge Witch: Gather round and let me tell you about the time I was in the astral and...
  • Death Witch: *sees cat bring in dead bird* Oh man this party is great.


In a gay world of twinks, otters, and bears, can I be a rat?

(via queerpunxkid)